Code of Ethics


  1. All are welcome here.

  2. We value your life experience, contribution, and presence.

  3. We support all people on all paths and in all stages of recovery with compassion and acceptance

  4. We acknowledge that recovery is challenging, and that is OK.

  5. We believe that you have something to offer and encourage you to share.


  1. We agree to keep our activities, meetings, and premises free of drugs and alcohol.

  2. We honor and are mindful of each other’s boundaries.

  3. We practice anonymity, confidentiality, and privacy.

  4. We agree to hold ourselves accountable to our Code of Ethics.

  5. When we have concerns for the safety of ourselves, others, or the integrity of the center we will work together to resolve those concerns in a productive, non-abusive, and non-judgmental way.


  1. We respect and honor the diversity in our community.

  2. We listen with open minds and hearts.

  3. We recognize and value everyone’s strengths and courage.

  4. We do not judge. Shaming has no place here.

  5. We agree to disagree agreeably.


  1. We practice peer-to-peer support, sharing a common goal of recovery, healing, and wellness.

  2. We find strength in unity.

  3. We equally value both the people in and the principles of recovery.

  4. The values of the NRC are grounded in service to our community.

  5. We are not us without you.