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No doctors, no police or prosecutors, no experts...just real people who have been affected by opioid addiction. Join us for a special WHMP Community Forum. Join us at the Parlor Room in Northamton, or listen to the live broadcast on WHMP 96.9FM or online at Re-broadcast Thursday 1/25 from 7-9 a.m.

We've put together a great panel, with Khadijah Tuitt, Kali Baba McConnell, Deb Wyand & Henry Brown, who's son Patrick, 28, died from a heroin overdose in 2016. Henry, who wrote a courageous column in the Gazette after Pat's death, is the inspiration for this forum & gave people like me, who've come perilously CLOSE to losing a child to this scourge, the guts to come out & get real.




Let’s Open Up About Addiction and Recovery

The New York Times, November 4, 2017


NRC Celebrates One Year Anniversary!




Sam, Bob and Lynn at the Candlelight Vigil, First Churches Thursday night, a memorium for those lost to opioid overdose death. Very dynamic speakers there, proponents of ending the shame, isolation and stigma those challenged with substance use feel; proponents of safe injection sites, and invitations to all to visit the NRC.

 Interview with Kim Deshields, Tim Lovett of  Comedy as a Weapon  and Sam Jackson from the Northampton Recovery Center. Thanks Bob Flaherty for the opportunity to get the word out!

Interview with Kim Deshields, Tim Lovett of Comedy as a Weapon and Sam Jackson from the Northampton Recovery Center. Thanks Bob Flaherty for the opportunity to get the word out!

See editorial in Gazette about two recent articles:  the challenges that a family faces when there are terrifying challenges with substance use, mom Jill Panto presented on May 22 at the NRC about SOAAR (Speaking Out About Addiction & Recovery), the organization she co-created in Belchertown and the second about Craig Stevens, owner of LandScapes, a Northampton design and build business. Sober now for nearly 17 years, Stevens hires mostly those recovering from drug addiction. He recently rented out the Academy of Music in downtown Northampton and screened the film "Generation Found".


Recovery support as essential as treatment

For the Daily Hampshire Gazette

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It all started when...

Listen to Northampton Recovery Center members talk about where they've been, and how far they've come.  The NRC is a significant resource in their lives.  Interim Director, Lynn Ferro gives the background and current status of the Center. Interview held April 5, 2017.

To listen to the podcast, see link below:

Congratulations to Bob Flaherty for his wonderful, knowledgeable, and, surprisingly in-depth interview in such a short amount of radio time. Also, a big congrats to the 3 men who spoke so honestly and articulately about their own histories and recovery process. Sounds like Lynn Ferro has done a great job, too, in getting the peer-led Recovery Center started. There’s been such a gap in this area from treatment to recovery support. This is one of the toughest diseases around to manage and have support for. I was very moved by how much “giving back” has not only helped these men in sticking with their own recoveries, but also in helping others. They have faced their fears and brought themselves into the light. They have also been courageous to put themselves out there in a public way—making the face of those who have been trapped in addiction human. Good luck, guys, and I hope that you, Bob, will do other interviews around the subject of addiction and the efforts locally to deal with the current opioid crisis.
— Tanyss Rhea Martula Hadley, MA
 NRC group with Adam Bartlett, our Speaker Meeting guest. Wednesday May 3, 2017.

NRC group with Adam Bartlett, our Speaker Meeting guest. Wednesday May 3, 2017.

This place has impacted me in the following ways. I can talk about my drug problem more openly. I have given people advice on how to deal with their problems as a drug user without resorting to drugs. I feel uplifted and motivated to stay clean. I have a great support network through their social events.

I have also gotten great information on positive outlets to stay clean when I’m feeling the need to use. As a man, I feel more open-minded to ask for help when I am struggling. I also feel accepted as a drug addict in recovery. I have met people that have been clean for a number of years that are willing to help other addicts. If they can do it, we can too. I am inspired as a man in recovery to stay clean through what I have learned through this program. I am now open to new ideas and have realized how great life is in recovery.

I am currently incarcerated, but through the grace of God I can come to the recovery center. I am locked up but thanks to programs like this one, my mind is free. Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to be a part of this.
— Jesse Phillips

"Finally an approach to addiction and alcoholism that not only is supportive while offering valuable tools for my recovery, most importantly serves as a bridge into the local community."

– Ebon Graves

The NRC is a resource that was greatly needed in Northampton. It is a place to connect and share with others who have experienced addiction issues. The NRC offers many wellness activities such as yoga, writing groups, mindfulness meditation, Refuge Recovery plus many others. The “All Recovery Meetings” are very helpful to me and I have benefited from everything I have participated in. Opening myself up to new experiences, different methods of healing and learning new skills has had a tremendous impact on my recovery. We also have fun here! Friday evening social events have a different feel than the day programs, and we really have a good time.

Recovery is so enriched when the community comes together to heal. It’s inspiring to witness the strength of other members.

As a young woman in recovery, I appreciate all of the program offerings, and the women at the center who continue to support me.
— Mari


Yoga at the NRC